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Anna….. A true friend, and confidant of the Law enforcement and EMS community. I have worked with Anna many arenas. I have looked on as she has been witness Legal proceedings. I have watched her work as she gathered evidence in multiple felony cases. I have witnessed her caring, professional manner as a counselor, friend, and confidant. As a professional care giver Anna listens attentively and shares insight and resolve to the toughest of issues that we as Emergency Responders too often find ourselves in.

Archi Walker, Retired Sergeant, Grand County Sheriff's Department

I have known Dr. Darbonne for 10 years. She has worked tirelessly during this time to understand the mindset of law enforcement and first-responders. She has worked closely with me in many sensitive cases and knows the difficulties faced in the daily experiences by LEOs. I strongly recommend Dr. Darbonne to help any first-responder needing help making sense of the trials of the job.

G. T. Knapp Retired Sergeant, Utah County Attorney’s Office – Investigations Bureau

Having closely worked with Dr. Darbonne for over a decade, I can assure you that her experience and knowledge concerning the professional dedication and personal costs involved in long-term undercover operations is unparalleled. I trust her judgment and abilities without reservation.

Greg Rogers Retired, Federal Agent

Until Dr. Darbonne, I was pretty sure it was over for me. There are no words that could express how much Dr. Darbonne has given back to me. I so didn't feel hopeful or good enough before. I didn't think I was able to change. I'm doing things now that I would not have ever done before; things that I didn't find myself worthy of doing. Since I started coming to spend time with Dr. Darbonne, I now realize that I prioritize my life much differently. I don't always feel as worthless or drowning. I don't focus on my inability to handle all that stupid [stuff] and I put effort into things [doing things] that are important to me.

Therapy Client

“I have struggled for 30 years with the mental struggle of living with a disability. At various times in those 30 years, I have sought help through counseling and I can honestly say, Dr. Darbonne is the most skilled and helpful counselor I’ve ever dealt with…” She has the ability to quickly interject and further the discussion, making it easy to feel instant progress. I’m more skilled in recognizing unhealthy thoughts and worries, allowing me to then take action and prevent those dreary thoughts from ruining an entire day. I’m so thankful for her assistance and I would recommend her to anyone.

Therapy Client

I was recommended to speak with Dr. Darbonne after suffering severe anxiety attacks and finally seeking help from My Primary Care Physician. I was probably the worst type of patient as I did not think therapy was something that would work on me. Well I am happy to say how wrong I was. Dr. Darbonne challenged, guided and helped me in ways I never would have expected. She is highly skilled and gave me tools to reframe and empower myself that were truly insightful and unique to me and my personality. I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone.

Therapy Client