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You want to feel and perform at your best, and I’m here to help you do that!  Whether it’s improving mood, better connecting with your creativity, or boosting performance in sports or work, we have amazing interventions to help you succeed. I believe in a holistic approach to care: treating you as a whole person, not just a diagnosis. To that end, we will spend over an hour together at your initial assessment to consider multiple aspects of your health and wellness:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Environmental

Each of these areas can have an impact on your mental health and well-being and will be important parts of the treatment plan that we make together.

I’ve spent over a decade working with patients in a variety of medical settings.  In that time, I’ve seen many frustrating pitfalls common in the conventional medical system. Too often this leads to short, rushed appointments where patients feel stressed and unheard, and providers can’t deliver the type of care they value, where symptoms instead of their causes are treated.

That’s why I have sought training and a practice that will allow me to use a more holistic and integrative approach to psychiatric and mental health treatment as well as performance services.  For you, that means dedicated time together to uncover the roots of what brought you in, address those core issues as naturally and with as little medication and side effects as possible, and help you start feeling and performing your best in multiple life domains.  What sets me apart from other psychiatrists is the ability to have all your mental health and performance needs met with one provider: we can meet together for therapy or performance enhancement and, when appropriate, medication management services.  This means that you can save time and financial resources by accessing all forms of care from one provider!

Treatment Practices Used

We will create a personalized treatment or performance plan together, based on your goals, utilizing a variety of evidenced-based and cutting edge healing practices, such as:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Energy Psychotherapy
  • Neurophysiological interventions
  • Performance and Creativity Enhancement
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmacotherapy – Judicious and sparing use of prescription medications

This holistic approach addresses multiple levels of well-being so that you have optimal mental and physical health as naturally as possible.

I aim to provide you the support and tools to reach your goals while considering your overall well-being – your level of health, resilience, fulfillment, happiness, meaning, purpose, and connectedness.  Through taking quality time to partner in the process of caring for your whole self, we can best work towards deep and long-lasting health – helping you feel and perform at your best!


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