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Identify and intentionally prioritize what matters to you in order to not only do less, but also perform and feel optimally – personally and professionally.

You want things to be better – next level, even.  You’re tired of feeling stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. The constant high expectations (of yourself and others) is exhausting, and the people-pleasing is wearing you down so there’s not much time or energy left for pleasure or fun. You’re ready to make positive changes, but you need some support in the process.

Our Life Optimization services have two incredible options:

  • Personal Growth & Development – Accelerate your personal development to radically enhance your personal and professional lives.
    These services include psychoeducation, identifying your strengths and limitations, setting goals, making positive choices to achieve your ambitions, and strengthening your belief in your ability to thrive.
  • Performance and Creativity Enhancement – Go beyond coaching to push past limiting beliefs, inner or outer setbacks, and break personal bests to maximize your potential.
    These services go beyond the mental visualizations and mantras common in performance coaching to identify and change, on a deep neural level, the limiting beliefs and problematic experiences that prevent access to your flow state.

We’re with you for each step, encouraging you along the way, and co-problem solving any roadblocks to your living well.

We believe in you

One thing that sets our approach apart from others is our total acceptance of who you are right now – wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of ‘ideal.’  We know it took grit, inner resources, and courage to get where you’re at today.  There’s a lot to identify and applaud about you just for making it to this point in life!

That’s why we believe in you: your ability to grow, acquire needed inner resources, and build the capacity necessary for long-term success, satisfaction, balance, and ease.  We love the process of working together to think outside the box of your current challenges, access the resources that got you this far, tune in to your inner wisdom, align with what is most essential to you in the most effortless way possible, and cheer you on all throughout the inner journey.

What to Expect

Insight + Action with Nurturing Accountability = Transformation

Our time together will often include three key elements of transformation: insight building, action planning, and strengths-based check-ins.

Insight building is focused on clarifying what you want to do, understanding why you haven’t done it yet (including what blind spots exist or additional resources are needed), and what is the most essential next step.  We want to make sure you’re clear about your values, aspirations, motivations, and obstacles.

Action planning is about outlining how to make the desired change.  This might include specifying actions required, resources needed, and timelines anticipated for implementing them.  The planning portion is also about psychoeducation – providing you with the knowledge and skill (an integration of emotional, behavioral, and motivational tools) so you are equipped and feel capable of taking meaningful action.

Nurturing Accountability comes into play each time we meet.  We check in about new insights between appointments, blindspots, tools that didn’t work well, unexpected barriers, and any hang-ups with follow-through.  We use that data to identify needed shifts in beliefs, behaviors, and boundaries so that you can execute the dynamic adjustments desired.  Our appointments will feel like safe environments for questions, trial and error, mistakes, and even slow progress.  While we keep you accountable to your goals and values, we want you to feel nurtured throughout the growing and stretching process.  If you hit a stuck point, we offer cutting edge techniques and compassionate encouragement so you can face your fears, be gentle with yourself in the process, and healthily make your way beyond the block.

With this system in place, you know what to expect from each session, from us, and from yourself.  Our clients have consistently shared that these efforts resulted in a greater transformation than expected, both in their internal experience of themselves and in how that inner security enabled them to enhance their external environments.

Benefits of Personal & Professional Life Optimization Services

Whether you have specific aspects of your personal or professional life that you want to improve, or targeted Performance & Creativity Enhancement goals you want to achieve, our Personal & Professional Life Optimization Services help you:

  • Feel Fantastic
    • Discover what “self care” actually rejuvenates and replenishes you
    • Feel calm, rejuvenated, and inspired by learning techniques to relax your nervous system
  • Fulfill Your Potential
    • Notice, explore, gently challenge, and work through blind spots and shadow selves
    • Overcome fears and self doubts, change self-defeating habits, and move beyond feeling “stuck”
  • Cultivate Satisfaction
    • Identify and then align with your values and what’s essential in order to increase ease and feel more fulfilled each day
    • Connect with meaning and purpose so your life feels deeper, richer, and more vibrant
  • Improve Relationships
    • Get to the root of your needs, desires, values, and beliefs so you can own responsibility for them and communicate them clearly with others
    • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and communicate effectively with others
  • Advance your Career
    • Reconnect with your flow state to ensure peak performance and creativity in the studio, on the field, or in the boardroom
    • Hone in on your authentic career objectives to unlock potential, gain greater confidence, maximize efficiency, and breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • Create the impact you want to have in your life and in the world
    • Feel empowered to take on the challenge of reaching new heights as you pursue your vision, purpose, goals, and dreams
    • Deeply believe in the importance of your voice and share it more confidently

If any of these benefits are in line with the desires you have for yourself and life, or if they sparked a vision of how your life can be better, let us join you for the adventure!

Our Promise

We promise to be:

Tuned in

to your needs, both stated and implied


on your values, goals, and progress


of your trust


to your success


in striving for end-results while holding compassion for the growth process


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