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Bamboo Center for Grief, Growth, & Well-being was thoughtfully and intentionally named to both appeal to those looking for a fantastic mental health or life optimization experience as well as to convey our approach to therapeutic care.


Bamboo is an exceptional and beautiful plant, but it is also intensely resilient.  During the most tumultuous storms, it can bend and sway in the wind and rain without breaking.  This strength lends incredible functionality to the bamboo.  It can be used in a multitude of ways to serve a variety of purposes: house plants and outdoor landscaping, super soft clothing, flooring, furniture, utensils, fountains, and more.  It can serve many people in many, many ways.  It’s hollow interior isn’t a weakness– but a catalyst of possibility; it is a vast space that can be usefully filled.

We view each amazing client the same way – unique and resilient despite all that life throws at you.  Identifying your strengths (even some you didn’t know you had) and applying them to your life in meaningful ways is such an inspiring process to witness.  While some clients come to us feeling hollow or empty inside, together we work to transform the space into a universe of opportunity and purpose.


Grief was chosen as part of the name because it is one of Dr. Darbonne’s certified specialties.  One of the common human experiences we all share is that of loss and the resultant grief.  However, not everyone is comfortable talking about or being present with grief and bereavement—not even therapists.

So to make our services easier for the grievers to find, and to reflect this area of passion, it became an important part of the business name.

Growth & Well-Being

Growth and Well-being were important to include in the business name as they are the goals shared by most of our clients:

  • To grow in knowledge of themselves and their values
  • To grow in capacity to tolerate emotions and challenging experiences
  • To live with a daily sense of well-being and fulfillment
  • To maintain well-being during difficult times
  • To implement those values to create a life that supports sustained well-being and fulfillment.


By choosing the term Center, we wanted to emphasize that we don’t view you as something to be fixed. You are not broken, or crazy— you are trying to regain your personal center in a non-pathologizing, holistic, supportive atmosphere.

So welcome to the Bamboo Center for Grief, Growth, & Well-being! We hope you feel inspired to reach for your potential and trust us with this important time in your life.


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