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Our approach to performance and creativity enhancement is one of a kind. This means that you have an enormous edge over your inner critic, competitors, and weak spots.

Based on medical, behavioral, neural, and psychological sciences, your sessions include interventions that target the subcortical and midbrain regions of your brain.

  • The subcortical region of the brain is responsible for learning, movement, consciousness, and emotions.
  • The mid-brain is responsible for motor control, vision, hearing, and sleep.

By directly accessing these parts of the autonomic and limbic systems within the body’s central nervous system, you can rewire and recalibrate the brain structures that keep you from feeling and performing at your best. You literally change the structure of your brain through this approach.  By releasing unhelpful thoughts, experiences, and beliefs stored in the body, you make space for self-enhancing replacements that take you to your best and beyond.

Go Beyond Coaching with cutting-edge techniques in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to:

  • Reconnect with your Best Self
  • Unlock your Flow State
  • Perform at your Peak
  • Maximize your Potential


You know how it feels to create and perform in your flow state: You are completely in the moment, doing what you love to do, at your best. In the studio, your creativity flows and finds its voice. On the field or in the ring, your practice and training are a seamless part of you. Professionally, you can see all the moving parts and orchestrate them together in the most optimal way. Yet, you’re having trouble connecting with that version of yourself, you’re getting stuck in your head and not performing like you know you can.

Helping you get back in touch with your best self so you can move on to maximize your potential is what drives us. We’ve dedicated our training and education in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to mastering traditional and cutting-edge techniques to help you do exactly that. Whether you’re a professional, a weekend warrior, coming back from an injury, or you want to overcome the “yips,” let’s unlock your flow state again so you can do what you do at your peak level.


You’ve put in the hours of practice and training to do what you do at an elite level. You are talented and motivated and have mastered mental toughness. When you are in your flow state and connected with your best self, you’re on another level. We have developed a unique skill set that utilizes traditional and cutting-edge techniques in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to help you unlock your flow state when you need it most so you can perform at your peak under pressure and maximize your potential. We won’t waste your time with visualization exercises and motivation techniques, you wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t have these things down already. We will get straight to work in a much deeper and effective way to give you the ability to access what is already inside you on a new level.


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This service is appropriate for elite athletes, performers, and professionals as well as passionate weekend warriors.  The focus and precision that have propelled you to where you are, combined with the power of the therapeutic relationship and our groundbreaking techniques, will facilitate the powerful results you want.

Below are some of the general benefits of this approach, and some specific to your profession and hobbies.

General benefits:

  • Unlock your Flow State
    • Be fully in the moment without distractions
    • Connect with your best self
    • Get out of your head so you can do what you do
    • Perform at your peak in a calm and confident state while under pressure
  • Improve overall functioning
    • better sleep
    • increased energy
    • reduction in pain
    • reduced negative thought patterns

Benefits specific to YOUR passion and career:

  • Athletes
    • Access your practice and training seamlessly, even under intense pressure
    • Come back from the mental hurdles created by injury or past mistakes
    • Overcome the “Yips”
  • Musicians, Artists, and Actors
    • Unlock your deepest creativity
    • Give voice to your true artistic vision
    • Connect with and embody your character and role on a deeper level
  • High-Level Professionals
    • Unlock your strategic vision
    • Accelerate your growth
    • Realize your potential
  • Professional Gamblers and Gamers
    • Quiet your emotions
    • Clear your mind
    • Decide and act with confidence


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