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Your integrative therapy sessions are 100% unique to you. There is no predefined “cookie cutter” formula when we work together – your sessions are customized for you. From where and how we meet, to health and lifestyle determinants, to the techniques and therapy styles used, your counseling appointments are tailored to suit your needs, your personality, and your goals.

Our therapy sessions can take a variety of forms – sitting together in the office, talking while walking/hiking, or communicating through telemedicine (online video conferencing). For clients who request it, we are well versed in providing spiritually-based therapy. This flexible approach is meant to help you reach your goals in the setting most conducive to your comfort and needs.

You are a wonderful mix of your past, present, and dreams for the future. As such, our work together will explore, consider, and include all domains that make you you: your current and historic physical health, personal beliefs, aspects of your childhood & adolescence, relationship and attachment history, family and social cultures, expectations and pressures, your day-to-day schedule and demands, spirituality (when relevant) and more.

Taking this kind of holistic approach helps ensure that we come to better understand, appreciate, and accept all of you – even the seemingly undesirable parts!

We are equal collaborators in that therapeutic work. Most of the time, you talk while your physician listens intently. If you don’t know what to say or what to talk about, no pressure—we’ll help prompt the conversation, guide your mind during in-session exercises (non-physical), encourage you to consider things from different perspectives, and honor the silence that is necessary for revelatory personal insights.

When appropriate, we teach skills and techniques to help you respond to your struggles, break through limiting beliefs, and allow for greater possibilities in your life.

We will cheer you on, cry with you, and celebrate your growth along the way.

Styles of Therapy Used

While each session together is unique, we draw from what we learn about you, several evidence-based approaches, and the world’s wisdom traditions to inform how we approach your overall mental health and well-being. Some of the main therapy styles used are:

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology provides easy to use, evidenced-based tools so you can calm your nervous system, reduce the intensity of emotional reactions, and increase calm and well-being.  This often includes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT; aka “Tapping”), a mind-body approach supported by the latest neuroscience findings and trauma-informed therapies to treat stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is an amazing way to help you accept unwanted private events (thoughts, feelings, judgments), develop greater clarity about your personal values, increase your sense of self, and commit to any needed behavior change to reach your goals.


Based on Viktor Frankl’s work, Logotherapy is an incredible way to help you find meaning in your experiences and connect with your greater purpose.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS is uniquely able to help you identify and understand the various internal “parts” that make up your perception of “self,” and to see their roles as protective in nature rather than disordered and pathological. In so doing, IFS fosters true self-acceptance and greater internal ease in life.


Mindfulness – paying attention to the present moment without judgment – helps you get more out of your day-to-day life with a greater sense of calmness, inner connection, gratitude, and joy.


Self-compassion – treating yourself as kindly, patiently, and warmly as you treat others – is a research-backed intervention that intrinsically motivates you to reach your goals and improves your well-being, relationships, and outlook on life.

Sessions will often end with Personal Growth Opportunities (aka ‘homework’) to help you continue your progress between sessions.  These are tailored to your needs, interests, and goals.  Don’t dread them just yet—they take various appealing forms (examples: thinking, writing, creating, talking with others, engaging in a favorite hobby, watching a specific movie or listening to a specific song, sitting quietly in a soothing place, or even enjoying a cup of tea).


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