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Transformative individual counseling for adults who want an unfiltered space to reflect on, expand, and enhance their lives.

You can move through life’s difficulties and self-imposed obstacles with meaning, ease, energy, and purpose.

In individual therapy sessions, we support those who want a safe, open venue to process their experiences, behaviors, and emotions in order to increase self-awareness, make changes in their lives, and gain needed skills to cope effectively.

Through addressing specific life difficulties (like death, change, or challenging relationships), unhelpful limiting beliefs, and challenging obstacles (such as feelings of unworthiness, burnout, chronic overwhelm, and over-filled schedules), you can learn to:

  • Get on track with the life you envision for yourself
  • Navigate heart wrenching, difficult life transitions and grief
  • Better tolerate and respond to difficult emotions and situations
  • Discover your true, amazing self
  • Regulate mood, sleep, and calm the nervous system for whole-body healing
  • Cultivate the type of life and relationships you desire

Individual Therapy Sessions Can Help You

You have a lot on your plate, but you’re not sure you can keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Let us help!  The high functioning, self-reflective clients we work with come to therapy wanting:

  • to survive the unbearable grief of a loved one’s death
  • to successfully navigate transitions in life
  • to be more comfortable with who they are, and to express that self more openly
  • to discover, deconstruct, and rewrite the internalized beliefs about themselves that keep them from living their dreams
  • to find more meaning and purpose in their lives
  • to heal from unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, emotional wounds, and trauma
  • to unapologetically tell their stories in a safe space, and to discover that they are not alone

Therapy Near You: Licensed In Multiple States

Psychologists and Psychiatrists are able to provide therapeutic care to individuals in states where the providers are licensed.  We are not able to provide therapy to individuals who live in or are visiting states where we are not licensed.  As such, we will make sure that we can legally offer counseling services when we connect.  It’s also why we strive to be licensed in as many states as possible – to facilitate greater ease and continuity of care wherever you travel nationwide!

Dr. Darbonne is currently licensed to provide individual counseling telemedicine in 30 states (and growing)! That means that Bamboo Center often has individual therapy sessions near you!  These states currently include:

  • Alabama – AL
  • Arizona – AZ
  • Arkansas – AR
  • Colorado – CO
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands – CNMI
  • Connecticut – CT
  • Delaware – DE
  • District of Columbia – DC
  • Florida – FL
  • Georgia – GA
  • Idaho – ID
  • Illinois – IL
  • Indiana – IN
  • Kansas – KS
  • Kentucky – KY
  • Maine – ME
  • Maryland – MD
  • Michigan – MI
  • Minnesota – MN
  • Missouri – MO
  • Nebraska – NE
  • Nevada – NV
  • New Hampshire – NH
  • New Jersey – NJ
  • North Carolina – NC
  • North Dakota – ND
  • Ohio – OH
  • Oklahoma – OK
  • Pennsylvania – PA
  • Rhode Island – RI
  • South Carolina – SC
  • Tennessee – TN
  • Texas – TX
  • Utah – UT
  • Virginia – VA
  • Washington – WA
  • West Virginia – WV
  • Wisconsin – WI
  • Wyoming – WY

Dr. Bjorndal is currently licensed in the state of Nevada.  He can provide in person psychotherapy in Las Vegas or online therapy from Reno to McDermitt to Ely, and everywhere in between!  For those in Nevada, three is a fantastic option for psychiatry and therapy near you!

We want to make sure that you always have options for great individual therapy near you, so we continue to build our licensing presence in more and more states!

Our Promise

We promise to be:








Fully dedicated

to helping you in your therapeutic journey

Benefits of Integrative Individual Counseling

Whether you have a specific concern, are tired of an overall sense of dissatisfaction, or you want to move beyond feelings of inadequacy to confidently speaking your truth, Individual Counseling can be transformative.  Let’s get to work on helping you:

Find hope for the problems and concerns that overwhelm you by

  • Learning to navigate life transitions with confidence and optimism
  • Engaging in healthy, effective stress management skills
  • Identifying the core issues, behaviors, and beliefs that trigger you and learning how to respond in a more desirable manner

Connect more deeply with yourself by

  • Telling your stories (successes and fears) in a safe space that helps you not feel so alone
  • Getting to know your authentic Self and learning why you do what you do
  • Identifying how your deeply entrenched wounds manifest in your life and learning how to compassionately respond to the pain
  • Healing the unhelpful patterns, wounds, beliefs, and trauma that get in the way of your well-being and happiness

Increase satisfaction with life by

  • Dismantling the limiting beliefs that keep you from your goals and potential
  • Developing intrinsic self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance
  • Feeling a renewed sense of ease, vitality, and fulfillment from living your core values in each life domain
  • Releasing the quest for perfection as you learn to live your authentic self

Take your personal life and professional aspirations to the next level by

  • Curating a well-rounded lifestyle through identifying and responding to any imbalances in holistic health and well-being
  • Gaining access to medical devices that calm the nervous system, improve mood, and regulate sleep
  • Cultivating more authentic intimacy in relationships through learning healthy communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Feeling more confident, effective, and motivated in your career and personal goals without having to fake it

I Want to Kickstart my Growth!

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