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Nature-based therapy as well as online counseling & psychiatry services for those who want the benefits of mental health care outside the traditional office setting

Your schedule and physical location don’t have to get in the way of the changes you want to make for yourself or in your life.

You know you want to invest in your well-being and personal growth, but getting to our office might pose some difficulty.  No problem—we can work together in two innovative ways! Telemedicine and Walk and Talk Therapy

Our Promise

We promise to be:





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of your needs and limitations

Telemedicine / Online Therapy

While telehealth is now a mainstream option for therapy and psychiatry appointments, Bamboo Center prides itself in having provided telemedicine services prior to the pandemic.  We understood that the convenience of video appointments increases access to mental health care for a variety of reasons.  As such, we have provided online therapy options since 2017 and are well-versed in helping you feel comfortable and see desired results through this digital session option.

Online therapy is a great option for the following reasons:

  • It is most convenient with your schedule and lifestyle
  • You or your child suddenly feel sick so now you can’t make it to your in-office appointment
  • You live in a rural community with limited access to mental health providers
  • You want to maintain your regularly scheduled sessions when traveling
  • Your health does not permit you to leave home

We can talk through online video calls (accessible from laptops, phones, or tablets) to work on your goals from nearly anywhere! 

This type of service is very convenient, but it requires you to have high speed internet.  Bamboo Center uses SimplePractice and, HIPPA compliant VC platforms for video sessions.  All you have to do is click the link that will be emailed and/or texted (depending on your preferred method) and away we go!.

Telehealth Near You: Licensed in Multiple States

In order to protect the public and ensure quality mental health care, Psychiatrists and Psychologists can only provide online therapy sessions in states where they are licensed practitioners.  Because we want to offer holistic and integrative therapy and psychiatry services nationwide, and enable you to maintain services while traveling or after a move, we constantly work to expand the states where we are credentialed to work.  The goal is for you to have our telehealth near you no matter where you go!

Dr. Bjorndal is currently licensed in Nevada.

Dr. Darbonne is currently licensed in 30 states, which can be seen here.


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Walk and Talk Therapy

A natural fit

Please note, this option is offered seasonally: March-May and September-November

Tailoring therapeutic approaches to your interests and needs is essential to facilitating breakthroughs and helping you meet your goals.  That’s why we can meet at a park or hiking trail for your sessions instead of sitting across from one another in our office.  Walk and Talk Therapy is a mindfulness based, body- and nature-oriented therapy style that has immediate and long-term benefits.

It’s no secret that walking is beneficial for both physical and mental health: it can help your body release mood-enhancing chemicals, can loosen tight bodies and rigid thoughts, can help you find creative ways to move through difficult issues, and can get you moving (literally and figuratively) towards your healing and holistic well-being.  You set the pace as we work on your goals in community parks and local trails.

Walk Therapy is a great option for those who:

  • Want to get out of the therapy/work/home office and into nature
  • Feel most comfortable talking in a more casual setting
  • Relax and talk more easily when side-by-side instead of face-to-face with direct eye contact
  • Want to combine their exercise routine with therapy

Protecting Your Confidentiality & Health

Because your confidentiality is essential, we will assess the appropriateness of this therapy option and discuss any concerns you might have prior to our first outdoor therapy session.  We will also pre-determine how best to maintain your privacy while in community spaces, like how each of us will respond should we encounter someone either of us knows while together.    We will also discuss where we will be meeting for our outdoor therapy, including the anticipated terrain and weather, prior to the session so you know what to expect.


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