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There’s no need to settle for average mental health services with a polite but unrelatable clinician. You need a personable provider who immediately makes you feel at ease and believe in their ability to facilitate your goals.  One whose vested interest in your well-being is rooted in both care for you and high professional standards.

Your clinician will take a dimensional, natural, and holistic approach.  They will consider and draw from all aspects of your life as they recommend remedies and skills based in medical science and the world’s wisdom traditions.

We know a few clinicians like that – us!

Bamboo Center provides high-end holistic and integrative wellness and performance enhancement services for adults seeking to navigate grief, deepen personal and professional fulfillment, perform at their best, and elevate overall well-being.

We specialize in multi-dimensional assessments and comprehensive care that connects you with engaging clinicians, cutting edge techniques, one-of-a-kind approaches, and complementary care options that ensure long-term holistic health.

We assess and address you in both three dimensional (past, present, future) and multifaceted (mental, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual, environmental) ways to ensure that we fully understand what makes you you, possible roots of your challenges, and what will be required for healing and transformation.

Our Services

Meet Dr. Darbonne

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (License #: PY0881)

Hi! My name is Anna Darbonne (pronounced Dahr-bon, like a bonfire), Clinical Psychologist at Bamboo Center.

I help high achieving, self-reflective clients to cope with life transitions, feel great about themselves and their lives, and to transform grief or challenging experiences into meaningful personal growth opportunities.

I believe in the power of laughter, that taking care of ourselves is a catalytic form of altruism, that love lives on beyond death, and that ice cream is one of the world’s greatest inventions.

When I’m not sharing time with amazing people like you, I can be found playing outdoors, working out, drooling over yummy food, and traveling.

Meet Dr. Bjorndal

Holistic & Integrative Psychiatrist (License #: DO3176)

Hi, I’m Erik Bjorndal, D.O. (pronounced Byorn-doll), integrative and holistic psychiatrist and psychotherapist at Bamboo Center.

Helping you get back in touch with your best self is what drives me. I have a deep love for helping people heal, but my true passion surpasses you just feeling better. I use a one-of-a-kind approach that combines the best of medical, behavioral, psychological, and neural science.  With these unique and cutting edge interventions, you can go beyond healing to break through to the next level of personal and professional fulfillment. I want to help you go beyond coaching so you reignite your passion, perform at your peak, and maximize your potential.

I love music, martial arts, food, and travel.  When I’m not helping people feel and perform at their best, I’m likely spinning a record, at a concert, in the gym, or planning my next adventure!

Our Promise

We promise to be:


trustworthy, and dependable

Real and relatable

You’ll find Dr. Bjorndal rocking his skull rings & Dr. Darbonne using irreverent metaphors in most sessions


and invested in your progress


with you during your challenges and successes

I’ve Found My Whole-mate!

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