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Start your personal (r)evolution


The internal message started out as a whisper, like a shadow you couldn’t quite see.  But now it’s louder, and the message is clear.  You know you need to make a few changes, smooth out a few edges, let go of some things in order to feel more yourself… feel more alive.  It’s time.  Time to prioritize yourself, your evolution, and your satisfaction in who and how you are.

Therapy isn’t just for those whose wounds or struggles motivate help-seeking – it’s also for people without major mental health concerns who want to live according to their potential and reap more joy and satisfaction from their lives.  We all can benefit from supported soul searching and nurturing accountability.

Personal (R)evolution

Your inner voice – the one that is getting harder to ignore – it’s suggesting that you do something that feels ambitious, likely a little scary, and definitely outside what you know how to do on your own.  Your inner voice is on to something.  Trust it.

Whether it’s moving beyond limiting beliefs about yourself, breaking unhelpful patterns, pivoting in professional or personal endeavors, or increasing your sense of well-being, we know how to help.  You can rely on our holistic, integrative, and client-centered approach to help you work through and move beyond:

  • Perfectionism that leads to shame, high stress, anxiety, and burnout from trying so darn hard at everything all the time
  • Imposter Syndrome that makes you worry others will see you how you see you: inadequate
  • Burn out from high standards and personal expectations, overly booked days of never-ending to-dos, and dissatisfaction at making everyone else’s lives better but not your own
  • Shame and frustration from repeating patterns or behaviors that are not in your best interest and do not serve you or those you love
  • Dissatisfaction with life in where you fall on your ‘spectrum of ideal’ coupled with wanting “more” (even if you’re not quite sure what that means)

Personal Development & Growth Chart

The process of (R)evolutionizing your life looks different for everyone, but it starts with honoring that inner pilot light that’s inviting you to shine.  Sustainable growth will occur when we work through a simple system:

Clarify → Assess → Explore  → Heal →  Live

In our sessions together, we will fan that inner flame to get a clear picture of what you need to feel in line with your true self: what do you value, what is most essential, what are your aspirations for how you feel in your own skin and life, etc.

We assess your current situation holistically, considering health and well-being across six domains: emotional, physical, social, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, financial, and environmental.  Together we identify and celebrate areas where you are living in alignment with your values and goals, and we determine which areas need some tools and support.

We also gently explore your past to inform your understanding of what makes you think, act, react, behave, and perceive the world as you do.  This includes looking at the wounded parts of yourself, developmental traumas, attachment needs, and the state of your nervous system.  We honor the ways that your “problem” behaviors and beliefs have served you, helped you survive, and brought you to this point in life.

Through reflecting on your life with gentleness, compassion, and tolerance for the emotions that result, you will truly heal as well as foster the growth of:

  • a kind inner voice
  • reasonable expectations for yourself and others
  • acceptance for the less-than-perfect parts of your history, life experiences, and self
  • the ability to make space for and tolerate big emotions
  • tools for regulating your nervous system and emotions
  • an integrated Self that sees and honors all your needs in healthy ways
  • greater fulfillment and satisfaction with your personal and professional lives
  • long-lasting, sustainable, holistic well-being
  • in where you fall on your ‘spectrum of ideal’ coupled with wanting “more” (even if you’re not quite sure what that means)

These (and so, so many other) benefits allow you to live – truly live – the life that brings you joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, and well-being.  To expand your life, to transform how you exist in your day-to-day, doesn’t take hustling more, pushing harder, or doing more.  It simply takes seeing you, wonderful you, as you truly are: worthy of your own time, respect, attention, acceptance, and compassion. We’re here and so excited to move through the (R)evolution process with you!


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